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August 26th, 2019

How To Prepare Fermented Garlic Paste

Scientists have been able to come up with different research findings and in most cases, the findings are related to how an individual can extract medicine from different plants. One of the recent findings is that of extracting medicine from fermented raw garlic cloves. In accordance with a study that was conducted, it was found that fermented garlic cloves have a chance of increasing the antioxidant in the body in comparison to normal garlic cloves. When you have prepared your garlic cloves, storing them in the fridge can help to keep them fresh for use for up to a year. The fermented garlic paste is best taken before a meal. The good thing about this fermented garlic paste is that it contains all the nutrients that are found in raw fermented garlic paste, and it can be be used either for meal purposes or as medicine. In case you have noticed some signs of cold, you can add the fermented garlic paste to honey and use it to treat the cold. Preparation of fermented garlic is pretty simple because all you are required to have is whole cloves, salt and some water, preferably eight cups of distilled water.

Once you have assembled all these requirements, it is all up to you to decide whether the garlic paste you shall prepare shall be used for either medicinal or for recipes while cooking. The fermented garlic paste can be used in recipes such as guacamole dip, garlic butter or even in dressings. During the preparation of garlic paste, the first step is to separate and peel the garlic, then fill the jars with garlic almost to the top. Once this is done, boils the distilled water and fill the jars with the pilled garlic and then add salted water in the jars. Upon filling this jar with water and pilled garlic, a cabbage leaf with a clean stone can be used to cover the jars. Apart from the clean stone and cabbage leaf, fermenting coaster or weight in a plastic bag can be used in replacement to cover the jars.

Once you have successfully covered the jars, wait until five weeks are over while the jars are enclosed so that the cloves can ferment properly. The jars should be kept out of reach for sunlight and, in a cool and dry place. During this period where the paste is left to ferment, constantly check the jars to ensure that your paste is covered by the salty water so that fermentation can occur as required. The ideal time for fermentation to occur is five weeks and once they are over, you can store the jars in a refrigirator. This helps to preserve the past for almost a year while in use. Some of the things to pay attention to while preparing your garlic is that, when the garlic turns blue, it indicates that the water used to sublime the garlic had chemicals. Although this might seem like an off character, the garlic is still good for consumption.

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