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August 24th, 2019

Vital Aspects of an Ideal Oilfield Lightning Protection Service Provider

Lightning is a natural force. It is a big spark of electricity that occurs in the atmosphere. Lightning can also occur between the atmosphere and the surface of the earth. In normal cases, air is an insulator between the negative and positive charges in the clouds. Air also acts as an insulating material between the cloud and the ground. There are times when the differences between the negative and positive charges in the clouds get too big. In such a scenario, the insulating capacity of the air breaks down which causes a rapid charge of electricity that is called lightning. You need to know that lightning is very hot and its temperatures can go as high as fifty thousand degrees Celsius. There are many lightning cases that happen across the globe.

Lightning causes damages that lead to huge losses. Fires from lightning destroy houses, burn down valuable equip, and destroy any property it hits. Lightning kills you instantly when it hits you. Nobody can survive a lightning spark. You have to know that insurance companies do not like giving people lightning protection policies. This is because the losses from lightning are huge and people will make crazy claims. If many people come to claim their sums insured for lightning policies, an insurance company can go bankrupt instantly. That is why there are so many exclusions when it comes to getting a lightning insurance policy. If you live in areas that experience frequent lightning, you need to take lightning protection measures. If you have a lightning protection unit, the unit will redirect the lightning to a certain path and you will not suffer loss.

An oilfield is a place where they process of extracting oil takes place. The equipment involved in oil excavation are usually of high value. The oil extraction process itself takes huge amount of investment. Anything that will damage your oil extraction equipment will mean that your operation comes to an end. Stopping such an operation is a huge loss to the oil extracting company. If you are extracting oil an area that experiences frequent lightning, you need to have strategy to protect your oil extraction equipment from being damaged by lightning. The wisest thing for you to do is to install oilfield lightning protection. There are many companies that provide lightning protection service. It is good for you to find a lightning protection service provider with the following characteristics.

Find an oilfield lightning protection service provider that is licensed. They should have the permit to work in the area and provide lightning protection services. It is also essential for them to be compliant to the relevant regulating body in your state.

You should also find an oilfield lightning protection company that installs a lightning protection unit which is effective. The equipment should not be destroyed by the lightning itself. It will be great if the lightning protection unit serves you for some time before requiring repairs or replacement.

The company should also be available to perform any maintenance practices needed. They are the ones with the expertise and should be there to ensure the lightning protection unit is working efficiently. They should also offer affordable services.

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