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September 7th, 2019

The Importance of Knowing Maintenance and Repair of Industrial Equipment

Conveying systems, packaging, production machines and many more are examples of industrial equipment that every industrial plant is aware of the need to have a regular maintenance. In order to perform the job right, skilled and experienced mechanics are needed for these heavy machineries like those for automobiles and motorcycles. Companies belonging to this industry therefore are better off hiring employees who have the specialty in industrial maintenance and repair, for they will help the company in keeping these expensive machineries running and working properly and efficiently.

The maintenance work of heavy equipment usually vary, and it is good to know that in this field there are two kinds of workers who can do the job, the machinery mechanics and the machinery maintenance workers. These workers are professionally trained and skilled laborers who have tried working in hazardous environments. These workers are exposed to the possibility of having cuts, bruises and strains, and thus are to use hardhats, special glasses, and hearing protectors for example. The pay of these skilled workers usually command higher than those of the average worker since they have more of the possibility to suffer injuries or meet accidents in the course of their functions. Therefore, it is not only that management knows the procedures and functions of the mechanics, but that they will be able to find the right personal technician for their particular equipment.

Be aware that an industrial machinery mechanic’s duties are more in depth than those of a maintenance employee. The specialization of a machinery mechanic are in the reading of technical manuals, in the understanding of equipment and controls, in the disassembling and reassembling of tools, and in the repair or replacement of parts. It is also good to know if the machinery mechanic you will be hiring has other skills like in electrical, electronic and computer programming, aside from being able to directly fix complicated machines like robotic welding arms, hydraulic lifts and conveyor belts.

The function of a machinery maintenance worker is of great assistance to the maintenance of your machinery, even if their job is not as complicated or detailed as the industrial mechanic. You hire these people before something gets worse in your set of machineries, for they can detect minor problems by simply cleaning and lubricating, adjusting, resetting and calibrating sensors and controls of these industrial equipment. There are other techniques in repairs and maintenance that this worker can offer, like plant shutdown work, refurbishing, racking inside warehouse, modifications of equipment, plasma cutting, arc air cutting, installing of machine services and others.

Always remember that the safety of your crew and equipment will rely on a well-function and operating machineries.

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