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August 24th, 2019

What You Need to Know about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

For long time Christianity has been in existence and it is worth noting that Christians are followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came into the world through birth and he lived as man indeed and finally he died on the cross for the sake of the sins of human beings. Many people thought that it was all over until he came back to life through resurrection. Before he ascended up to heaven after being with the disciples for 40 days he had said that he will come back. An angel of God affirmed this by telling the disciples that the same where they had seen Jesus is and up to heaven is the same way that he is going to come back on earth during his second coming. Many Christians have been eagerly waiting for the second coming of Jesus because this will assure them that they have emerged victorious in their life journey in the earth. This is different compared to other religions that do not know about Jesus Christ because all that he said and did are recorded in the Bible. This page clearly outlines what you need to know about the second coming of Jesus so continue reading it.

One of the things that you need to know about the second coming of Jesus Christ is that Jesus had a message for all the first century churches. The book of Revelation clearly outlines the words of Jesus as recorded by John who was his disciple. It contains the warnings, reprimands and promises for believers who are going to overcome in their stay on earth. Some of the things that were highlighted is that believers will not be hurt by the second death, over-comers will sit with Jesus on His throne and that their names will not be removed in the book of life as Jesus will confess their names to His Father in heaven. This is recorded in the book of Revelation chapter 1 to 3.

Another thing that one needs to know about the second coming of Jesus Christ is that there will be seven seals which will be in judgments. As recorded in the Bible, Jesus will have a book that is sealed and each and every single which amounts to seven represent a judgment on human beings. The seals are divided into the first four which involve conquering of the earth, is being taken away weighing of the world space on a scale and relative peace. The final three seals will bring more catastrophic judgments on earth.

Another thing that one needs to know about the second coming of Jesus Christ is that God does not forget his people. During these last days before the coming of Jesus, God is going to put his remnants in the desert where is going to protect them from the wrath that is going to be poured out on earth as bowls which will signal the end of judgement before Jesus Christ comes back.

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